Sticking to one language

About mid-way through 2010 I decided to buy some study materials for learning Japanese. I bought Teach yourself beginners Japanese and I was pretty diligent in using it got like a month,but with school and trying to learn Korean I couldn’t fit learning Japanese in. I haven’t even opened the book since; it just sits on my bookshelf.

After a short thought I decided to just stick with learning Korean at the moment and when I’m advanced enough I will start Japanese again.


2 thoughts on “Sticking to one language

  1. I tried studing Japanese back in high school but stopped since it was difficult. My desire to learn Korean started when I made the switch from listening to J-pop to K-pop. Korean is easier to write and learn since it has an alphabet like English. I don’t know if you are familiar with but it’s a great website. I’ve been using it to learn Korean.

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