Boys Boys Boys &Fashion

Lately my taste in fashion has expanded. I used to be a t-shirt and  jeans kind of girl; that was my staple for everything. I think in the last year, my overall sense of style has changed immensely. With changing fashion sense brings amazingly dressed boys. I would normally go for the band T and jeans guy, but now that I’m polishing up my shabby wardrobe, I like guys who have style. And not just cargo shorts, tank/T and boat shoes nu-uh. I’m talking about some thought into what you’re wearing and how that can make you or break you. I know most teenage guys don’t really like dressing up like how I would like them to, but that will probably change as soon as they graduate. Here’s what I want in a guy:

1. Good taste in music

2. Good taste in fashion a.k.a swagger

3. let me borrow some clothes 🙂

So if there are any guys out there who fit this description, ‘ What’s Up’

– J


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