College apps

So lately I’ve been filling out financial aid forms and college applications. This process seems so surreal; like I can’t believe that in a months, I’ll be graduating and leaving behind my family to go to school and then hopefully Korea. I really, really,really hope that I get into my top choice and that enough financial aid will come through so my parents won’t be struggling to make ends meet and send me to college.

Also I’ve been surfing the blogosphere, looking for interesting people living and working in Korea, just to hear their experiences and I found Coffee Helps. While I was on Haley’s blog, I noticed her 100 things list and decided to make one for myself! I think with this list I will be more outgoing and feel the need to actually serve a purpose instead of just coming home everyday after school, going on Tumblr/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter,etc and then going to sleep. That’s no way to live; that’s so boring and so ….loser-ish. And I don’t want to be a loser. Once I finish my list, I’ll post it and get started with completing the tasks. I’m so excited.


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