End of the Holiday

So my friend just left from her 1 night 2 day stay at my house. This marks the last day of the Thanksgiving break( the entire week) and I really dread going back to school tomorrow. I already feel the boring drone of my physic’s teacher and the cold temperatures in and outside the building always make me feel incredibly sleepy.

My week was supposed to be productive; I was supposed to finish reviews for Earcandy Express and my school newspaper, but I didn’t, I was supposed to finish all my college application stuff so all I have to do is give all my stuff to the people in the office to send off but that didn’t happen and I was supposed to do some heavy duty cleaning and I kind of  accomplished this, but there’s always Saturday I guess.

I did get to go to the store on yesterday and I bought some new nail polish, make-up remover, travel tissues and mechanical pencils. Exciting, I know. After church, me and my mom put up the Christmas tree and I think during the week we’re going to start decorating it. I can’t wait for it to really start feeling like Christmas! I love this time of year; the weather is colder, the colors are very soft and muted, the house feels cozy and we get 2 weeks out of school!


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