Forever Alone

So today while my English class was in the library working on our research papers, two of my other classmates that were sitting at the table with me were talking about their boyfriends and how many relationships they’ve had. I told them that I’ve never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, none of that and they were all shocked. But they said, “Aw that’ s so cute! That means that when you do get your first boyfriend, it’ll be so sweet.” And yes, it will be super sweet, but as the other classmate commented, “ But when you break up your heart will be so broken.” I know that in order for me to even get a boyfriend I have to break out of my little bubble, but it’s so difficult for me to do that. I’m just a naturally shy person and around guys, it’s like I become mute. I hardly have any guy friends and I feel like I might miss out because I’m so shy and awkward.

On the subject of guys, I think that this guy in my math class likes me or something. I’m saying this because he always makes a point to say hi to me and speak to me. I don’t like him or anything, but he’s nice to talk to even if it is just a hi. He’s the only person in that class that even tried to talk to me and I thought that was nice especially since it was just a group project and we really didn’t have to talk.


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