Hello possible crush

So remember that guy that I wrote about in the December 1st post? Well I’m thinking of asking him to go to prom with me, probably just as friends. If I don’t ask him, I’ll probably go by myself. I know going to the prom by yourself isn’t that bad but I’ve already experienced the not having anyone to slow dance with and just standing there awkwardly.
I might be jumping to conclusions, because it’s not like he jut came out and said he likes me or anything, but he has made it a point to talk to me everyday. I don’t know…


2 thoughts on “Hello possible crush

  1. I went back and read your first post about this guy. I think it’s so sweet of him to always make the effort to talk and just speak to you in general.

    I remember back when I use to be that girl who never had a boyfriend and never experienced her first kiss. I always wanted to talk to boys but I was too shy. Now, it’s just a different story but we could always talk about it if you want 🙂

    I don’t think you should ask him to prom in my opinion. You may be moving too fast seeing that you’ll be a first at all of this. I think you should just wait for him to make the first move. After all, there’s plenty of time left to be thinking about prom and prom dates.

    I applied to 9 colleges in total, including UT and Howard but Howard is my first choice. Why did you decide aganist applying to UT?

    I’ve never worried about what anyone else had to say. I’ve always wanted to follow my heart, I just wanted to be happy with my decision.

    • Yay new friend! You can definitely tell me all you boy experiences since I have none 🙂

      I’m definitely glad that I rethought the whole asking him to prom, because honestly I don’t really know him well enough to even consider him and I’m fine going by myself.

      I applied to UT San Antonio because I was going to apply to Austin, but I missed the deadline and originally that was my first choice, but now Howard is. At first I was just feeling like moving so far away from home would be a bad thing and overall scary, but I think like moving would be good for me and I would at least still have some family close by.

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