I need to focus. I think that I might have to give up my laptop this week because I have a research paper due, a project to work on over the break, a best of post for Earcandy Express and still have some things to tweak on my college applications. I just need to be more organized.  Well I did manage to reorganize my bathroom, which I have to say looked like a tornado swept through there, and my room(kind of). I tend to waste time instead of utilizing it. So I’m making this list of goals that need to be done or else I’m going on a serious hiatus until next year.

  • make at least 1430 on SAT
  • get all A’s at least twice
  • do as much extra credit for physics as possible

I know these goals are attainable and if I stop slacking so much, I can achieve them (well I don’t know about the third one, due to a extremely horrible teacher),but even making a B for physics would make me happy.

On a happier note, me and mom wrapped up the fake gifts for White elephant. I can’t wait for Christmas~


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