hello Christmas tree + online store

My mom and I put up our Christmas tree on Wednesday (Dec. 7th), but I’m just now uploading the pictures onto my laptop. We switched trees with my grandma this year and decorations, so instead of the usual pink themed decorations, we used purple, red and gold. It looks so pretty and super sparkly; I love plugging it in when it gets dark and just looking at it.

Today was my last day before winter break and it was such a chill day; I wish everyday could be as laid back and care free as this one. Both of my reviews were posted in the school newspaper and I had a great time with all of my friends in different classes. I finished this book I had been reading all week called Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. She’s a fantastic writer and I like the style she has in all of her books. Another thing that made today great was that I had posted in my post ‘focus’ a few days ago that I needed to make at least a B in physics and guess who’s making an 89! A freaking 89! That’s almost an A and I could sure use that A especially in that class.
Now I’m just cleaning up and preparing for my performance on Sunday for church. I have one more bit of good news; I made an online store! So I had been selling my stuff on ebay, but they charge you to post the stuff and then if it doesn’t sell you still have to pay to keep it posted and that was becoming a hassle, especially for my mom. I made the site and I’m working with my friend to get some clothes and accessories up there. So far all I need to do is add the pictures and prices, then it will be live! I’m so excited ^^


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