day 4:winter break

So today was like the epitome of doing nothing. The wireless internet wasn’t working, so I had to stay plugged in to the cable all day long. We went to Best Buy to get my mom the DVD’s that she wanted for Christmas, but the didn’t even have them . Well my dad showed me what he got my mom and I’m so jealous! He got her some perfume from Tiffany’s. The bag looks so pretty; I wouldn’t mind having that as one of my wedding colors.

I’ve been eating bagels all day since all the food that we have is for Christmas dinner. I really want some pizza right about now, but my mom already told me she wasn’t stopping to get any fast food.

Right now I’m watching Bones and I’m on episode 18 still in season one. I’m pretty sure that by tomorrow, I’ll be halfway done with season two. I’m starting to really love this show; I don’t know why I never watched it from the beginning when it was on TV.

Well I’ve managed to chip off half of my nail polish. I think I’m going to do a Christmas-y red color that my mom has. I’ll just do something simple since I’ll probably take it off after Christmas. Can you believe its only 2 more days until Christmas is here? I can’t wait! I love having all of my family over, eating great food, enjoying each others company. So I joined this hair care website called hairlista and they have this challenge for next year to grow 12 inches of hair for 12 months and then you post monthly on how much your hair has grown. I know that I haven’t been taking care of my hair as well as I should and I want the new year to bring about a change in me.
Goals for the new year:
– take care of my hair
– start working out
– eat more fruits and veggies
– vlog/make more videos
– be more confident
– stay positive all the time


2 thoughts on “day 4:winter break

  1. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas!!!

    I wish someone would buy me something from Tiffany’s! The name just sounds awesome and expensive 🙂

    Enjoy your new year! 2012 is right around the corner!

    • I had a great Christmas; I hope yours was fun and awesome.

      I still can’t believe its almost 2012~ I hope you have an amazing new year filled with happiness 🙂

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