day 9: winter break

So instead of my dull routine of cooking and watching Bones on Netflix, I got to hang out with my friend Autumn. We had been planning on hanging out since the beginning of the break, but we never had transportation.  So we had a fun day at the Hong Kong Market.

We walked around a bit, then decided to buy some groceries in the mart.  At first I wanted to kimpab , but changed my mind after we found rice cake and I quickly looked up the ingredients for making spicy rice cakes and I bought the ingredients ( which were crazy cheap) and put back the peppero( I totally regret now). So I paid for the groceries and Autumn bought our “lunch”   I had already eaten a late breakfast( it was in the late afternoon), some Pho at the restaraunt   down a few stores. I was so full, I didn’t even get to finish it :(.

what i bought

After we stuffed ourselves we walked around some more and I bought a hair clip with a pretty butterfly and jewels. Then her mom came and took us to the beauty supply. I bought some nail wheels. Then we went back to Autumn’s house and we made videos. Then my mom came and picked me up.


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