Happy New Year; New Year,New Me

Happy New Year guys! I ended the new year at the Kirk Franklin concert my church held. It was fun and really touching. My little cousins came to spend the night and that was an adventure. I tried my best to stay up until the new year, but I was so tired.
Our church just had one service today since we had two services to usher in the new year. After church was over, my family came over for a potluck dinner. Then my friend Autumn came over and we played white elephant since no one wanted to play during Christmas. I won a picture frame, but I decided to give it to one of my cousins.After Autumn left and all my other family members left, I helped my mom clean up and I just started watching this Lifetime movie.

I made a few resolutions that I really plan on sticking to this year, like:
– not drinking soda AT ALL
– eating more fruits and vegetables
– exercising at least three times a week
– really studying Korean because last year was definitely total fail
– be more outgoing
– do the 365 photo challenge
– smile more


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year; New Year,New Me

  1. I hope you had a wonderful new years ! 😀 It sounds like you had fun (:

    Haha I’ve never played white elephant, but my cousin told me about it!

    Haha nice new year resolutions 😀 Good luck with them! 😀 XD I’m so bad at those T.T

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