Project: ME!

Today I decided to start a new series. It’s called Project :ME! This is a way for my to keep track of my goals and New Years Resolutions. I know that new years resolutions are usually forgotten by the second month of the year  and I really want to have a great year knowing that I actually stuck with my goals  and completed them.

In the series I will be:

  • learning/practicing Korean
  • exercising
  • choosing healthier choices
  • drinking tons of water
  • working on skin care
  • getting out of my comfort zone

So hopefully with the help of my subscribers on Youtube, friends and family, I can reach my goals and be even happier. 2012 is going to be MY year.

My day was pretty relaxed. Today I had to present my paper for English on Charles Dickens and the whole time I was reading it my heart was pounding so loud I could hear it in my ears. I felt like it would pop out of my chest! Other than that I had a really fun lunch with Karaiya, Autumn,Typhani and Steve*( his real name is David but we call him Steve).

Steve kept doing a hair flip and we were going crazy over it. Who doesn’t like guys with long hair 🙂 I gave Karaiya all  of my Coca Cola that we had from Christmas and New Years parties. I’ve been feeling the soda cravings really hard this week especially today. I almost took Karaiya’s soda at lunch, but my friends told me that would be giving in and I soon forgot about it.

We had a great time talking about handshakes. 3 words: friendship ball grab; that’s an inside joke. We also got to touch Steve’s magnificent hair, it was awesome and curly. (love ya Steve and your hair!) Now that I’m finishing up a project for economics and then I’m going to finish online window shopping and starting studying some Korean.



2 thoughts on “Project: ME!

  1. Hahah your lucky you had 2 weeks! I only had a little over a week for break :/ Next week will be horrible because I have an actual full week of school :[

    Hah I think everyone has that resolution to blog more (: I hope we can all keep it up!

    Good luck with Project Me! You have a good set of resolutions, so I wish you all the luck with them!

    Whenever I present a project, I feel the same way! My voice gets all shakey xD I must sound as if I’m about to cry LOL
    Sounds like you had fun with you friends!

    • Resolutions like blogging more are so hard to keep because of school! I just want to hurry up and finish and get into college already.

      Public speaking is so annoying. I absolutely hate it, but I guess I just have to get over it.

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