Movie Review: Sunny

I had been looking for English subtitles for this movies, but they weren’t out when I looked for them, but thanks to Lilly at This Life is Confusing, I could watch it.

What a great movie. There aren’t too many movies that come out about friendship, especially Asian ones those are typically romance or romantic comedies or action. After I heard that the movie won an award I just knew I had to watch it. Everyone’s acting was great, I loved the transitions between the past and the present and I especially loved that after all those years of not contacting each other, they could just get back together and make it like old times. This really reminded me of my friends and if we’ll be like that in a few years; we might lose contact and then meet up at a high school reunion and remember some old jokes or funny habits that we had with each other. That nostalgia is what makes the movie so great because everyone can relate to having amazing friends who stick up for you, that crush that never noticed you and finally being accepted by your peers.

If you want to watch head on over to Dramacrazy!


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