Most embarrassing day ever

So today was probably my most embarrassing day in my Senior year. Last night I burned my cheek with a hot glue gun trying to finish one of my projects and had this gross bump left there. Then when the college advisesor came to our classroom I wanted to take a picture of him,but I forgot that my flash was on and he caught me right as I was taking the picture. he said, ” are you taking pictures of me?” and I froze and everyone turned to look at me. It felt like a movie. I just quickly said no and looked down. My friend was laughing away in the corner and I kept seeing him all day wondering if he remembered me. I was so embarrassed.

The rest of my day went pretty well. I had a subsitute for Economics but he kept trying to tell us stories that weren’t even funny. And he acted like he was a real teacher. Seriously no one cares that you used to be a toymaker or that you went to New York blah blah blah. He was annoying. Everything else was pretty chill and now I’m finishing up the project from last night and then I’m gonna make myself some tea!


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