College visits and doctor appointments

So today I went on a college visit to this university close to my home. It was me an this other girl Emily and both our moms with our two tour guides Courtney and Harriet. They were so nice and Courtney even stopped me to tell me she thought I was so pretty; which made me feel like a million dollars. She’s getting married to a pastor in May which I hunk is so cute. Hopefully if I get accepted she can be my RA. We toured the campus which absolutely gorgeous. After the tour was over, we went with Harriet to eat lunch.

We went back home for a bit. Then I went to the last appointment with my pediatrician. She is so sweet and nice and I’m going to miss not being her patient. After that I went to the orthodontist for the last time to get my braces off. It’s the best feeling getting metal that’s been on your teeth off. I’m so happy my teeth don’t even look like my teeth.

I have another new 오빠 who is really sweet and helpful. He helps me learn Korean and apparently doesn’t think I’m too shabby~ 행복해 !


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