I really don’t know how to title this post, maybe once I start writing the title might come. or not. Does the title really even matter? Today I went to go pick up my contacts from the optometrist, but the ones they ordered weren’t the right ones so that means more waiting for me. After that I went to the hospital to get some blood drawn to test my vitamin D levels.The needle was more painful than a pinch and seeing my blood fill the vial felt odd. Not sick odd, but just like an out of body experience. We left and I arrived at school during the last 30 minutes of second class.I was starving because in order to get blood work done, you can’t eat or drink food. My dad stopped and got me some donuts, which I definitely regretted later because I stupidly only packed Hostess Zinger cupcakes as my “lunch”. I’ve basically been hopped up on sugar all day and I am totally feeling the after effects now.Well I’m going to sleep now~


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