Spring Break day 1: H Mart

So Monday was like the craziest day I have ever had. I woke up extremely early to go to Autumn’s house and then we went to the train station. Two other friends came P and N and then we got them their all day passes and boarded the train. Riding the train really didn’t seem like that big of a problem and was less confusing than I thought it would be. We finally arrived in Carrolton and we were confused about which bus to take so we asked these two guys who were no help and then figured it out on our own. After waiting for 30 minutes a bus came, but it wasn’t the one that we wanted. Our bus wouldn’t come until 2:30. So like one of us stated earlier, we walked. But it wasn’t like H Mart was just a block down the street or something; no the store was across the highway. The walk took about 20 minutes and none of us had eaten breakfast. It was around 12 so we were starting to get hungry and all we had was gum. The sun was starting to make us all a little irritable and looney.

Alas, we made it there around 1:30. I had never been so happy to see a grocery store in my life. First stop, walk around the food court! We walked around the store really quickly and then ate food. N and P had this chicken dish with rice and miso soup. Autumn had kimchi and tofu stew with rice and sides. I had bibimbap with sides and some sort of soup. After that we walked around this one store filled with Hello Kitty and other cute stuff as well as overpriced CD ( $27 for a Girl’s Generation CD?! Insane!). We decided to walk to another store similar but waaaaay cheaper in the same shopping center called Ten by Ten. I bought a Hello Kitty contact lens case. We walked back to H Mart and bought some food aka chips, candy and drinks before going back to the cute Hello Kitty store which was packed. The other girls got some bubble tea and I was just chilling.

There was a plethora of cute guys that we saw walking back and forth between the cafe Mozart next to Ten by Ten and the food court inside of H Mart. MY mom picked us up and dropped everyone off and the day ended well.This was definitely some trip. Some things were a little annoying, but I think we all had fun and definitely want to do this again, but maybe with less walking and a car.


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