My amazing birthday

So I had the most amazing time for my birthday! My two friends came over to spend the night and we went to the Galleria mall.  We walked around and shopped a bit before going to my surprise party. What a surprise it was! I was wondering why I was getting dressed at the mall and how my aunt magically seemed to be there, but I still hadn’t put two and two together, even when one of the waitresses said,” are you here for the party?” My family was all in this cute little room at the Hibashi.

So I made a few purchases this weekend when one of my friends left and the other one stayed. We went to Target where I bought: Revlon Colourstay Foundation, Make up remover, Kleenex 6 pack of travel tissue,Cetaphil face wash, E.l.f face primer, NYC hot pink nail polish and Maybeline Bouncy Blush in Plum.

I feel like I’m floating on clouds. I’m just in a general good mood and  this has definitely been the best birthday ever. I feel blessed to have lived 18 years and can’t wait for the amazing times ahead.







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