My last two posts may have seemed like everything was rainbows and unicorns but I feel like college life is becoming very stressful and I don’t even have a full load, I only have 12 hours. But I just always feel tired and like I’m twelve steps behind and always seem to be trying to catch up. I don’t know if any other college bloggers feel like this, but I’m literally always tired. I can take five naps a day and still feel like it’s not enough sleep. Luckily I’m getting a break pretty soon that will allow me to focus, catch up and get some much needed rest.

Oh yea, there is one good thing that brightened up my day: it’s me and C.V’s 2 month anniversary today! It honestly feels like we’ve been together way longer than that. He’s my best friend, and the sweetest, most thoughtful guy ever and I can’t wait until we make it to a year!

With that being said, have any other college graduates or current college students felt like extremely tired and overwhelmed with homework, projects, extra activities?


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