Review: ORS Replenishing Conditioner


So I’m kinda in love with this conditioner. I love the way it smells, makes my hair feel; overall just really love this product. Some specs about the product are:

  • protein conditioner ( so good for repairing the hair especially after hairstyles that involve braiding like sew-in weaves/extensions or protective styles that pull the hair)
  • comes in two sizes: 23 Fl. oz bottle or 1.75 oz pak

So this conditioner is a protein that is usually included in the Organic Root Stimulator relaxer kits or separately. I have been using this forever and I always love the outcome of my hair.I use it to deep condition when needed. This is not an every week/ co-wash kind of conditioner since it’s protein, so I only use this when I’m relaxing my hair or getting a long term protective style and I want my hair to be protected.

I recommend this to everyone who may notice an abnormal amount of breakage or signs of weak hair.


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