NanoWrimo Update # 1 : day 11

So this is day eleven of NanoWrimo and I am so behind. I mean majorly behind. I just don’t know where exactly I want to go with the story; I have a couple options as to how I can reveal some characters and their secrets.  I am going to try to get to at least 10,000 words today because I really need to. I’m just going to write freely and hopefully how I imagine the story unfolding in my mind is how it will happen when I write.

I don’t know if any other Wrimo’s are struggling with catching up like I am. So far this story is where I want it to be, but also lacking. I have the strong urge to edit to my hearts content, but I know that will deplete half my word count and meaning that I would have to start all over again. And I can’t do that. I must not do that.

I hope all the other Wrimo’s out there are pouring out words into their stories. I have to go do homework and run some errands, but as soon as I’m done I am going to type so much my fingers bleed and my brain feels like it’s run a marathon. Even my metaphors aren’t that great.

Ciao for now lovelies,



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