Doctor Visits


Look how vintage my doctor’s office looks!

So I went to the doctor today to see if he could figure out why I had my fainting spell on Sunday.

At my physical I weighed 123 lbs. and this time I weighed 115. I haven’t weighed this little since I was in 9th grade and at that time that was normal for me. This however is not. My doctor told me that my body mass index wasn’t high enough and that I need to eat more. This came as a shock to me because I love food and eating so the fact that I need to eat more sounded crazy to me. In fact, I’m always snacking and eating food so the fact that I’m “underweight ” was just strange to me.

So my doctor decided that I needed to get some blood work done. I had blood work done in my physical and everything was fine but he just wants to make sure. The wait seemed like it took forever and finally they called me. The nurse that took my blood was very nice and had the colorful band-aids and I kept thinking “please pick a pink band-aid” and lo and behold she did that — and matched it to my shorts!


My band-aid and shorts matched! Totally unplanned.

Afterwards, me and my mom went to the  Family Christian store to pick up a Bible that she wanted to engrave for her co-worker. I found a book that seemed to grab me ; Get Lost by Dannah Gresh. I’ve never heard of her or read any books by her or related to dating as a Christian/ falling in love, etc. I thumbed through a few pages and found some topics that seemed interesting so I thought, why not?


New book I bought! Dannah Gresh’s “Get Lost: Your guide to finding true love”

Then we went to JC Penny for my mom to return some clothes and while she did that I looked around in Sephora. I wanted to look for a primer, but my eyes were drawn to the NARS lip pencils. I really want to purchase Dragon Girl, but the price is a bit much for a lip pencil, granted the color is gorgeous; that will just be added to the very long list of beauty related items that I wish for.


A couple of NARS’s lipstick swatches. L to R: Yu (Satin Lip Pencil), Red Square (Velvet Matte Lip Pencil), Dragon Girl (Velvet Matte Lip Pencil).

We made a couple other stops, but the heat here in Texas sure does drain you and I was feeling sleepy and hungry. We got back home I ate some leftover “taco casserole” and split a pack of Golden Oreo cookies with my mom. I’m still hungry though and I’ve been craving some really spicy nachos but we only have tortillas and I don’t want a taco. My mom says we’ll just have spaghetti for dinner. My day was very eventful and now I’m going to relax and maybe take a nap.


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