Sweet Treats: Peanut Butter Cookies


I have the biggest sweet tooth and it seems like I always want something sweet. Last summer I was rolling out Cinnamon Rolls almost every other week. This summer I’ve toned down on the baking, just because it’s always such a process and I hate washing dishes.

I decided to go with a simple peanut butter recipe that didn’t require a lot of ingredients and took as little time as possible. I went to my trusty recipe website, allrecipes.com and searched for a recipe. I found this gem and looked at some of the other users pictures to get an idea of how mine would turn out. I always like to read the comments on the recipes because a lot of times, another person has commented that maybe the dish could’ve used less of an ingredient or included an ingredient. This recipe calls for three things: sugar, an egg and of course, peanut butter. That’s all the recipe calls for, but I wanted to add about a tablespoon of vanilla extract and a couple pinches of baking soda for a light texture.

After the three items ( or additional ingredients ) are mixed smoothly, then place on baking sheet in a oven at 350 F for 8 minutes. My cookies were done at 7 minutes, but I turned off the oven at 8 and let them stand to get a little firm.

These cookies were soft, peanut butter-y and delicious (and disappeared overnight) ! I really liked how simple this recipe is  and it doesn’t take a lot of time and not a lot of dishes to wash (yay me!).


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