Day Four: Iced In

So today is the fourth day of the harsh winter weather keeping us cooped up in our dorms. Unfortunately it’s not snow, just ice, BUT the school campus has basically been closed all weekend. You know what that means – MOVIE TIME!!! There have been different activities going on in each dorm as well as some sliding down one of the hills with lunch trays or trash bags.

Now it’s Sunday. There’s still ice covering the ground and on my hall it’s mostly quiet. I feel like Monday morning classes may still be cancelled, in which case I would just continue doing what I’ve done the last four days: relax. But this is Texas, and the weather changes every hour so we will see. These past few days almost felt like one big dream sequence. Nothing felt real, perhaps because of the lack of the hustle and bustle of the combination of work and school. Either way, I liked this break where I got to gather and socialize with friends, eat mediocre food and create amazing memories. There’s something about trying to get all the ice off a friends car with glove-covered hands that brings people together.

Meanwhile I’ve been adoring Lianna La Havas; she’s like India.Arie with a little bit of blues mixed in. I love her album Is Your  Love Big Enough?; it has been in heavy rotation along with a few Christmas songs here and there. Anywho, I should probably start on one of three essays though just in case class isn’t cancelled tomorrow.

Until next time,




I need to focus. I think that I might have to give up my laptop this week because I have a research paper due, a project to work on over the break, a best of post for Earcandy Express and still have some things to tweak on my college applications. I just need to be more organized.  Well I did manage to reorganize my bathroom, which I have to say looked like a tornado swept through there, and my room(kind of). I tend to waste time instead of utilizing it. So I’m making this list of goals that need to be done or else I’m going on a serious hiatus until next year.

  • make at least 1430 on SAT
  • get all A’s at least twice
  • do as much extra credit for physics as possible

I know these goals are attainable and if I stop slacking so much, I can achieve them (well I don’t know about the third one, due to a extremely horrible teacher),but even making a B for physics would make me happy.

On a happier note, me and mom wrapped up the fake gifts for White elephant. I can’t wait for Christmas~