Style Envy: Beyonce

So there has been some buzz lately on Beyonce because she’s rocking a fresh cut. Personally, I think it looks cute and it’s something different! I’m a fan of hers and following her on Tumblr, I can’t help but notice her style. Whether it’s street style casual or daytime dressy, she always looks put together.

In New York wearing Isabel Marant sneakers

Love the fedora!

Comfy Casual with baby Blue


Boys Boys Boys &Fashion

Lately my taste in fashion has expanded. I used to be a t-shirt and  jeans kind of girl; that was my staple for everything. I think in the last year, my overall sense of style has changed immensely. With changing fashion sense brings amazingly dressed boys. I would normally go for the band T and jeans guy, but now that I’m polishing up my shabby wardrobe, I like guys who have style. And not just cargo shorts, tank/T and boat shoes nu-uh. I’m talking about some thought into what you’re wearing and how that can make you or break you. I know most teenage guys don’t really like dressing up like how I would like them to, but that will probably change as soon as they graduate. Here’s what I want in a guy:

1. Good taste in music

2. Good taste in fashion a.k.a swagger

3. let me borrow some clothes 🙂

So if there are any guys out there who fit this description, ‘ What’s Up’

– J