Thankful Thursday


So for those of you who don’t know, I have a YouTube channel (beautifoolbliss) and I mainly talk about learning Korean and resources and a little bit of singing mixed in with a few beauty related videos. I’m telling you about this because this is related to my post today.
One of my viewers left the sweetest message I’ve ever had from a stranger and it was so uplifting. It said:

You are beautiful on the outside and inside! ❤ I’m not kidding! I know learning korean can be hard but be patient I hope you can learn it fluently one day! 😀 lovely girl you sound like you have a big heart (I know this is random lol) but yh 🙂 Subscribed! ❤

I’m so thankful for sweet comments like that from strangers! It just reminds me of the good in people and how positive some people are. That comment motivated me to try to be more friendly and uplifting to others around me.


Need to study Korean more!

I’ve been slacking off so much in learning Korean! I’m mad at myself because when I do have spare time usually I’m writing a review for the site or looking for more music to review. So I’m gonna try to set aside time to learn. Plus my Korean friend said she would help me, but were busy with school, so I’ll just wait until summer to ask her.

I just signed up for this website that you can pick out pen-pals from all around the world, so hopefully that will help me.